May 16, 2024

Miyoko’s Creamery to Launch Non-Dairy Cream Cheese Spreads in Albertsons

Miyoko’s Creamery, a leading non-dairy cheese brand, has launched its acclaimed Plain and Everything flavored non-dairy Cream Cheese products in Albertsons stores nationwide. This new distribution ensures widespread accessibility for consumers who are seeking a simple, non-dairy solution.

“At Miyoko’s Creamery, we’re committed to pioneering innovative products that seamlessly integrate into consumers’ everyday routines,” said Stuart Kronauge, Chief Executive Officer of Miyoko’s Creamery. “With the launch of our Plain and Everything Flavored Cream Cheeses at Albertsons, we’re strategically expanding selections to our premium non-dairy offerings that prioritize both taste and texture.”

With a suggested retail price of $5.49, the non-dairy Cream Cheese is crafted with cultured cashew milk to achieve the perfect, subtly tangy, cream cheese experience. Utilizing traditional creamery methods, the product is composed of straightforward, recognizable ingredients. The Plain variety boasts a blend of only four wholesome ingredients, while the Everything variety has a carefully curated combination of seven flavorful ingredients. The flavors are exceptionally versatile, ideal for spreading on bagels, enjoying as a snack with crackers or vegetables or incorporating as a simple substitute in baking recipes.

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