November 20, 2020

Mom of 3 Invents Disposable Shopping Cart Liner

In the wake of increasing Covid cases this fall, Cart Safe Products, LLC reminders shoppers it has released the first ever disposable shopping cart liner this year.

Cart Safe was created by Andi Barness-Rubin, a working mother of three boys who was frustrated with the thought of going to the grocery store and trying to keep germs off of herself and her food.

“The amounts of bacteria found on shopping cart surfaces were higher than those found in public restrooms,” said Dr. Charles Gerba, Professor of Virology at the University of Arizona’s Department of Environmental Science.

Cart Safe is recyclable, made from durable LDPE (low-density polyethylene, a #4 plastic). LDPE plastics are recognized by the FDA as a safe barrier from microbes. The Cart Safe liner can be disposed of by simply placing it in the recycle collection bins that most large grocery stores display at the entrance to their stores.

Barness-Rubin was awarded a patent by the US government in July 2020 and is currently pursuing a Good Housekeeping seal of approval for her product.

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