March 10, 2022

My/Mochi Unveils Smoothie Incredibites

My/Mochi announces the launch of My/Mochi Smoothie Incredibites.

My/Mochi looks to extend its snack platform portfolio by creating a unique textural experience that connects consumers’ favorite blended smoothie flavors with a pillowy sweet rice mochi dough experience. Available in the frozen fruit and smoothie bowl freezer of the grocery store, My/Mochi brings more innovation by providing consumers an opportunity to have their smoothie and eat it too.

“Innovation and experience are what get consumers excited,” said Craig Berger, CEO at My/Mochi. “The company disrupted both frozen novelty and snacking categories with My/Mochi Ice Cream and continues the tradition of bringing ‘mochi to the masses’ with our Smoothie Incredibites. We continue to differentiate ourselves with a mochi twist on already familiar textural experiences.”

Arriving this summer, My/Mochi Smoothie Incredibites will be available in two of the most popular flavors of blended smoothies, Strawberry Banana and Mixed Berry. Each handheld snack is just 60 calories and is gluten-free, made without soy and free from GMO ingredients.

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