April 30, 2024

Nasoya Unveils New Plant-Based Chick’n

Nasoya, a pioneer in the plant-based foods revolution and maker of the country’s No. 1 brand of tofu, today expands further into the new plant-based meat category with the launch of Plantspired Plant-Based Chick’n. Hitting grocery store shelves this month with initial availability at Albertsons and Meijer, Plant-Based Chick’n will be available in two delicious Asian-Inspired flavors: Kung-Pao and Bee-Free Honey Garlic.

The launch of Plantspired Plant-Based Chick’n cements Nasoya’s status as a leader in the growing plant-based meat category. Plantspired Plant-Based Chick’n follows the successful introduction of Plantspired Plant-Based Steak in 2022, which the brand saw 155 percent sales growth for in 2023. Looking to build on the momentum of Plantspired Plant-Based Steak, Plantspired Plant-Based Chick’n marks Nasoya’s first foray into plant-based chicken alternatives.

“We are thrilled to see Plantspired Steak enjoyed by so many consumers in different stages of their plant-based journey and knew they were hungry for additional plant-based options that featured exciting global flavors” said Ellen Kim Director of Marketing Communications & Consumer Insights at Pulmuone, parent company of Nasoya. “We immediately turned our attention towards chicken – the most consumed animal protein in the United States – and worked to develop a convenient, plant-based alternative that delivers on both taste and texture. Plantspired Plant-Based Chick’n is an exciting addition to our lineup and reaffirms our commitment to making sustainable plant-based eating accessible.”

Nasoya’s new Plantspired Plant-Based Chick’n features a tender, meat-like texture and is bursting with authentic Asian flavors. Like all Nasoya products, Plantspired Chick’n has a simple ingredient list and is made with high-quality, non-GMO ingredients. Boasting up to 45g of plant-based protein per package, Plantspired Chick’n bites are pre-cut and pre-seasoned, ready to heat and enjoy in just minutes. Both flavor-packed varieties include a separate sauce packet, perfect for tossing with the crispy bites of Plantspired Plant-Based Chick’n as the finishing touch to a delicious meal. The Kung Pao variety features an aromatic sweet, spicy and tangy sauce while the Bee-Free Honey Garlic variety offers a sweet and savory honey-inspired sauce with a rich garlic flavor.

Plantspired Plant-Based Chick’n can be quickly pan-fried or air-fried before being added to a wide variety of dishes like stir-fry, rice, noodles, salad, tacos and more. The product joins Nasoya’s Plantspired line of convenient meal solutions and accessible plant-based proteins, including Plantspired Steak in Korean BBQ and Gochujang varieties, tofu Toss’ables and marinated TofuBaked.

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