June 22, 2022

Natural Delights Launches Truffles at Retail

Natural Delights® is pleased to announce the launch of Truffles, a wholesome take on chocolate covered fruit snacks. After a successful trial period with retail buyers and consumer media, the brand is excited to launch a full-scale marketing campaign around the new product, now available to order.

Where traditional chocolate covered fruit snacks list high fructose corn syrup as a key ingredient, Natural Delights Truffles utilizes a hero ingredient – Medjool dates – to naturally sweeten and provide additional nutritional benefits to the snack item, while providing a chewy caramel-like center.

  • Chocolate Cherry – fresh Medjool date pieces wrapped in creamy milk chocolate and cherry.
  • Chocolate Blueberry – fresh Medjool date pieces wrapped in robust dark chocolate and covered with tangy blueberry white chocolate.
  • Dark Chocolate with Probiotic – fresh Medjool date pieces wrapped in decadent dark chocolate with added BC30 probiotics.

Each product flavor profile was intentionally chosen based on the brand’s chocolate partner’s selling data, which concluded that dark chocolate, blueberry and cherry are among the top three most preferred flavors in the chocolate category.

“As we continue to drive category growth for Medjool dates, product innovation with products like Truffles gives shoppers the opportunity to try dates in a new way when they might not have entertained otherwise,” said David Baxter, director of marketing at Natural Delights. “We’re really looking forward to the response at key retailers during this launch period as we expect many people will be pleasantly surprised that they can purchase chocolate treats with wholesome ingredients and major health benefits.”

To support the new product launch, Truffles samples will be sent to the brand’s key influencers including chefs, registered dietitians, bloggers, social media influencers and media to drive content development and third-party endorsement. Natural Delights is also educating shoppers about the benefits of Truffles as a better alternative to other chocolate candy via YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, digital advertising and on its website.

To request samples of Natural Delights Truffles, please email bridgette.weber@bvdg.com.

For more information about Natural Delights, click here or contact Neil Merritt at neil.merritt@bvdg.com or (949) 226-9971 for sales inquiries.


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