December 9, 2023

Natural Grocers Releases Predictions for 2024 Top Trends

Natural Grocers, America’s Nutrition Education Experts and the largest family-operated organic and natural grocery retailer in the U.S., revealed its eighth annual Top Trends for 2024. The company’s experts predict the most anticipated products and practices for 2024 in the categories of Health and Wellness; Body Care and Beauty; Food and Beverage; and those that are Ecologically Thoughtful.

To accurately pinpoint the 2024 predictions, Natural Grocers’ Nutrition Education team, including our knowledgeable Registered Dietitians and Certified Natural Foods Chefs, collaborated with the retailer’s purchasing, marketing and analytics teams. Each year, these specialists study consumer-shopping preferences, dig into the latest research to predict these rising and shifting trends.

“This year’s trends piece incorporates an array of truly unique topics with products and practices we love. Though listed as “trends”, our company has been embracing some of these practices and promoting the brands behind them, for many years,” said Raquel Isely, Vice President of Marketing for Natural Grocers. “Whether it’s menopause finally getting its due, embracing ‘skinimalism’, educating yourself on synthetic biology or trying out time-tested eating lifestyle like the Mediterranean Diet, we’re pleased to present our trends for the coming year. We hope this list also encourages folks to pause and consider how intricately our purchases and practices are connected when it comes to shaping our collective ability to thrive and flourish long-term. Plus, if you’re still searching for that perfect gift, this list might inspire you with practical gifts that can support the wellbeing of that special someone, while adhering to environmentally thoughtful standards.”


Natural Grocers’ Top Trends for 2024, are classified within the categories of Health & Wellness; Body Care & Beauty; Food & Beverage and those that are Ecologically Thoughtful, for a total of twelve trends. The team of experts also included a “Try This Trend” addition, which incorporates an idea or product for those who want to explore the trends for themselves. There’s even a Bonus Trend for the second year in a row, which stands alone, while also touching every other trend. The Top Trends are listed below, with each category linked to the full copy, product suggestions, as well as research and references on the company’s website.


  1. Heat Adaption Becomes Necessary
  2. Blood Sugar Balance Is Key to Healthy Weight Maintenance
  3. Menopause Finally Gets the Attention It Deserves


  1. Skin Barrier Repair Becomes the Holy Grail of Skincare
  2. Skinimalism Clears the Clutter
  3. Hydroxyapatite Toothpaste Upgrades Our Oral Health


  1. Learning to Mitigate the Health Hazards of Wildfire Smoke Becomes an Unfortunate Reality
  2. Consumers Reject Lab-Grown Meat
  3. The Battle to Define “Regenerative Agriculture” Begins


  1. We All Get on Board with Boards
  2. The Mediterranean Diet Stands the Test of Time
  3. Replacing High Omega-6 Oils Becomes a Health Priority


  1. Be a Regenivore

    Eating like a regenivore means making food choices that support your health and the health of the planet. It also means emphasizing nourishing foods that are grown by farmers and ranchers who prioritize practices that sustain and regenerate the soil, water, biodiversity and the overall ecosystem in which they function. This includes foods that are organic, non-GMO, regeneratively grazed, humanely raised and sustainably sourced.

Natural Grocers will be sharing these trends online and over their social media channels throughout December and in the upcoming volume of their Health Hotline – available online and in print this January.

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