NatureSweet Unveils Sweet & Seedless Mini Peppers Medley February 2, 2024

NatureSweet Unveils Sweet & Seedless Mini Peppers Medley

NatureSweet has debuted another convenient product, Constellation Sweet & Seedless Mini Peppers, a colorful and crunchy medley aimed at revolutionizing the world of healthy snacks. The flavorful sweet peppers are red, yellow and orange and consumers are describing them as sweet, light-tasting, the perfect balance of taste and texture, and they are amazed there are no seeds!

“Our sweet pepper medley is the top-selling branded multi-color seedless mini sweet pepper in the country,” said Amit Patel, NatureSweet Director of Marketing and Innovation. “They have a level of sweetness that is much higher than your average mini pepper, and the fact there are no seeds make this the perfect convenient, grab-and-go snack, that is more portable than a standard sweet pepper.”

Constellation Seedless Mini Peppers were made for snacking since they are easier to hold up when using spreads or dipping them. They debuted on store shelves in the late fall and have been selling quickly ever since. The seedless mini peppers are available in 14oz packaging and are perfect for

snacking, grilling and complement meals and salads beautifully.

Constellation Seedless Mini Peppers can be found at select retailers like Costco, Giant and Giant Eagle.

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