April 12, 2024

New Kettle Brand Gochujang Flavored Chips Bring a Sweet and Spicy Take on Popular Korean Condiment

Kettle Brand, known for crafting bold and unique chips, is unveiling its newest limited-edition flavor – Gochujang. Just in time for summer, Kettle Brand is diving into the rich and complex world of the popular Korean pepper paste, with a burst of sweet and spicy flavor in each chip. The brand was inspired to create its latest limited-time flavor as Gen Z and Millennials continue to express interest in sweet and spicy combinations and as Korean cuisine continues to grow in the US.

“At Kettle Brand, we craft chips with bold flavor and quality ingredients for a full sensorial experience,” said Nick Hammitt, Vice President of Salty Snacks Marketing, Campbell’s Snacks. “We see our limited-time offerings as an opportunity to push boundaries with innovative flavors that stand out – drawing from condiments, global cuisines and more. Our new chips pack the complex flavor notes of Gochujang into a chip in a way that only Kettle Brand can.”

To celebrate the launch, Kettle Brand teamed up with Chef Eric Choi. Chef Choi, who was inspired by the use of the chip as a delicious canvas for gochujang, will introduce an exclusive dish starring the new Kettle Brand chip for a limited time at his New York City restaurant, C as in Charlie. From April 13-20, while supplies last, diners can enjoy Chef Eric’s Beef Tartare with Kettle Brand Gochujang Chips – an elevated twist on the traditional dish featuring an extra dimension of flavor and satisfying crunch.

“Gochujang is a revered condiment in Korean culture and one that I’ve been using in my dishes for years,” said Chef Eric Choi. “Kettle Brand Gochujang chips are an incredible vehicle for the flavor! The perfectly cooked kettle chip base allows for a true expression of gochujang and creates a harmonious marriage of flavors that delights the palate in each chip.”

New Kettle Brand Gochujang Flavored Chips are available for a limited time starting this spring at retailers nationwide for a suggested retail price of $5.29 in packaging reminiscent of the brick red color of the condiment. To learn more about Kettle Brand and its flavor line-up, visit Kettle Brand.

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