February 9, 2023

Niman Ranch Certified Humane Meats Now Available at Mariano’s

Niman Ranch, the pioneering leader in humanely and sustainably raised meats, today announced that a broad selection of its fresh and prepared products is now offered at all Mariano’s store locations. Niman Ranch is recognized for its exceptional animal welfare, sustainability practices and award-winning quality and taste.

“On behalf of Niman Ranch’s farmer network, we are excited to now offer our meats to more homes across Chicagoland,” said Paul Willis, Niman Ranch’s Founding Hog Farmer. “By adding Mariano’s as a grocery partner, we are able to support more local farmers committed to our high standards that produce the best tasting pork in the marketplace.”

Mariano’s, one of the Midwest’s leading grocery chains, is committed to sourcing products with a focus on sustainability, local and regional production and humane animal care, as well as exceptional quality and flavor. They are one of the exclusive providers of the Niman Ranch brand in the region.

The independent family farmers in the Niman Ranch network, primarily located throughout the Midwest, are all Certified Humane and raise their animals without crates in deeply bedded barns or on pasture. The feed is all vegetarian and animals are never treated with antibiotics or hormones. Those practices result in outstanding quality, with award-winning chefs across the country featuring Niman Ranch meats on their menus.

“We’re happy to feature Niman Ranch products as part of our fresh meat offerings to include antibiotic-free, premium meats for our customers, as well as to support local farmers and sustainable agriculture,” said Michael Marx, President of Mariano’s and Roundy’s.

To celebrate the launch, Mariano’s will host a series of Niman Ranch sampling events at select locations this winter and spring. Patrons will have the opportunity to meet Niman Ranch farmers, learn what it takes to raise livestock humanely and sustainably and taste the quality difference.

Mariano’s is now offering more than 15 fresh and prepared products from Niman Ranch including pork chops, long bone racks, baby back ribs, hot dogs, sausages, ham and bacon.

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