July 10, 2024

North Coast Seafoods and Atlantic Sea Farms Win Climate Award at Gulf of Maine Research Institute’s Tastemakers Awards

Boston-based North Coast Seafoods, a prominent supplier of premium quality, sustainable seafood, alongside their Maine-based partner and farmed kelp producer, Atlantic Sea Farms, were co-awarded the Climate Award at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute’s first annual Gulf of Maine Tastemakers Awards. The Climate Award is given to companies that champion and bring restorative food into the mainstream.

This year, the Climate Award was presented to North Coast Seafoods and Atlantic Sea Farms for their joint efforts in promoting and utilizing farmed Maine kelp as a sustainable and climate-friendly food source.

North Coast Seafoods and Atlantic Sea Farms have been in the forefront of championing climate-friendly food and successfully bringing it into the mainstream market. North Coast’s Seaweed-ish meatballs, made with Atlantic Sea Farms’ kelp, have been making waves in the institutional food service space around the region.

Both companies are committed to reducing their environmental impact in all practices from sourcing to final production, a key reason why these companies were nominated for and awarded the Climate Award.

North Coast is currently implementing their 100 percent recyclable packaging across their operations, while continuing to pursue new ways of reducing their energy usage and environmental footprint.

“We were honored to receive the Climate Award at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute’s Tastemakers Awards alongside our partners at Atlantic Sea Farms,” said Andrew Wilkinson, Chef Director of Innovation at North Coast Seafoods. “We are deeply proud to provide our customers with a delicious, nutrient-dense, local, sustainable product that positively impacts our oceans and the environment.”

For more information on North Coast Seafoods’ history of sustainable practices, click here. To learn more about the Climate Award, click here. To order or learn more about how to become a retail customer, email customerservice@northcoastseafoods.com.

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