October 19, 2022

North Coast Seafoods Introduces Ocean-Raised Certified Organic Salmon

Boston, MA-based North Coast Seafoods has unveiled its new ocean-raised certified organic salmon, now available for grocery retailers, restaurants and seafood enthusiasts across America.

Organic salmon is rare, and something that has not historically been offered because there is no established organic standard in the United States. North Coast’s Organic Salmon is regulated and certified by both EU Organic and the UK Soil Administration, which have the strictest aquaculture standards in the world.

There are many different terms for farm raised seafood, but the technical term is “aquaculture,” which simply means seafood that is raised under carefully controlled conditions. North Coast’s organic salmon is “ocean raised” or “farmed in the wild,” replicating the wild conditions a salmon would grow in naturally. North Coast has committed to sourcing only from certified sustainable operations to ensure that responsible, natural practices are being followed to protect our oceans, the environment, and the integrity of the seafood itself.

North Coast Seafoods’ organic salmon are meticulously raised in the pristine, open ocean water farms off the northeast corner of the Isle of Skye, Scotland, where the closest “town” is 13 miles away. This remote location provides cold, clean water and extremely strong currents for the fish to swim and grow strong.

These fish are raised in large “sea pens” that are six stories deep with a circumference greater than four NBA basketball courts, where the maximum ratio is 99 percent water: 1 percent salmon.

Each salmon is fed a 100 percent certified organic diet, which means that every single ingredient in their diet is certified organic with absolutely so growth hormones, chemicals, or GMOs. This nutrient rich diet is made up of plant ingredients and oily fish like mackerel and herring, which give each salmon high levels of essential heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

Effective immediately North Coast Seafoods’ fresh organic salmon will be available for restaurants and grocery stores across the country. This fall enjoy pre-portioned, flash frozen organic Scottish salmon in North Coast’s premier ‘Naked Seafood’ brand.

“At North Coast Seafoods, protecting our oceans’ natural resources, and remaining in harmony with our oceans and environment is of utmost importance,” said Rich Polins, Principal at North Coast Seafoods.  “Compared to protein sources harvested on land, the ocean-raised seafood production process produces substantially lower greenhouse gas emissions and far less freshwater pollution, which is a fact that we are not only very proud of, but take very seriously.  Delivering the highest-quality, freshest seafood to our customers and protecting our planet remains at the forefront of North Coast Seafoods’ long-standing legacy.”

For more information on North Coast Seafoods’ history of sustainable practices, product offerings or to order online, click here.


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