May 6, 2020

Oppy Brings Top Cherry Brands and New Exciting Addition to Cherry Season

As one of the few seasonal fruits left, cherries are among Oppy’s most anticipated offerings due to their temporary availability and exceptional flavor profile. The popularity of the program is set to increase this year as Oppy expands its extensive cherry offerings with the addition of the Katicich brand.

A leading grower, marketer and distributor of fresh produce from around the world, Oppy grows its domestic cherries in California and Oregon due to the microclimates unique to these regions, with production expected to begin in mid-May and June respectively.

Known for their top-quality, Brookside label cherries will be shipped from Lodi, California, while Katicich brand cherries will ship from Stockton and will also bring fruit of unrivaled quality to market. This is the first season Oppy will market the Katicich brand.

“Last year was one of the best for Oppy’s cherries and we are expecting a similarly successful program this year as well, despite the unprecedented challenges that the produce industry is facing as a whole. Constantly strong praise for Orchard View and Brookside quality gives us confidence that this season will be another outstanding year for movement and for delighted consumers,” Oppy’s SVP, Categories and Marketing James Milne said. “Retailer excitement for our cherry program is a reflection of just how much cherries are anticipated by customers everywhere and how they’re typically viewed as a special treat linked to happy times. We expect the arrival of cherries to lift spirits and evoke a little more normalcy—and perhaps even optimism—for all who enjoy them.”

Oppy’s Oregon cherry program, thanks to an extensive partnership with Orchard View Cherries for more than 10 years, is equally expansive, with significant volume expected. Specializing in dark red cherries grown on 3,400 acres, the family-owned brand has become well-recognized for its consistently exceptional quality and unique flavor. This season, Oppy will offer Orchard View cherries in two, three and four-pound top-seal units for the first time, alongside traditional bags and clamshells.

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