September 7, 2023

Oscar Mayer Enters On-The-Go Refrigerated Breakfast Category with New Scramblers Innovation

Oscar Mayer announces its first-ever on-the-go refrigerated breakfast offering: new Oscar Mayer Scramblers. The innovation comes after a recent consumer survey revealed that only 23 percent of people are currently eating a full breakfast due to limited hearty options available. Oscar Mayer Scramblers are made by using two fresh eggs and are available in three filling varieties – including Bacon & Velveeta, Ham & Colby Jack and Wiener & Cheddar.

A category that Kraft Heinz first pioneered in 2018, the refrigerated breakfast aisle is an area the company continues to see opportunity in. Scramblers marks the first time two iconic Kraft Heinz brands will be served together in one product for breakfast, including Oscar Mayer meats and Velveeta cheese. While new to the category, Oscar Mayer hopes to deliver the brand trust and high-quality taste and experience consumers expect when it comes to their morning meal.

“While people crave a tasty breakfast, it is often compromised with quick, boring options due to busy weekday mornings—and boring is the antithesis of what Oscar Mayer stands for,” said Kelsey Rice, Associate Director, Oscar Mayer. “With fans yearning for more fresh, convenient and satiating breakfast options, Scramblers is set to spark smiles through seriously delicious meats, providing hearty ingredients and tasty, meaty recipes in a way only Oscar Mayer can.”

To celebrate the launch, Oscar Mayer is debuting its new “Scramble Your Morning” campaign across channels, including TV, OOH and social media. Inspired by the inventive and flavor-forward innovation, the campaign highlights how a scrambled morning can be delightful, when it comes to Oscar Mayer. The ads scramble consumers’ busy mornings by mixing up letters in creative copy to create fun, brain teasing puzzles, bringing joy to their AM routines.

Oscar Mayer Scramblers are available at major retailers nationwide. To learn more about the Oscar Mayer Scramblers, visit Oscar Mayer.

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