February 24, 2022

Palm Done Right Partners with Two Organic Baking Leaders

Palm Done Right, a mission-based educational platform dedicated to supporting people, animals and the environment by proving that palm oil can be grown for good, announced new partnerships with two leaders in the organic baking space: Dufour Pastry Kitchens and Steve & Andy’s Organic. The baking pioneer partnerships also coincide with the kick-off of Palm Done Right’s brand new #BakeADifference campaign which officially launched on Feb. 21.

Marking continued expansion across retail platforms, Palm Done Right’s partnerships with Dufour Pastry Kitchens and Steve & Andy’s Organic help further educate businesses and consumers about the benefits of sustainably sourced palm oil while focusing on supply chain transparency and clean ingredients.

Dufour Pastry Kitchens

Female-owned Dufour Pastry Kitchen was founded more than 35 years ago and remains a pioneer in developing premium gourmet pastries and pastry dough with 20 sofi™ awards from the Specialty Food Association. The company’s dedication to using pure and simple pantry ingredients has made them a natural partner for Palm Done Right. The brand’s Palm Done Right-approved Plant Based Pastry Dough will be available to consumers nationwide at Whole Foods on April 1, 2022.

“Dufour is proud to produce a tender and flaky, vegan, plant-based pastry dough, that aligns not only with our demand for quality but also with the environmental and humanitarian mission of Palm Done Right,” said Lindsey Dealy, national sales director of Dufour Pastry Kitchens, Inc.

Steve & Andy’s Organic

Steve & Andy’s has spent the last two decades perfecting their cookie recipes and relying on the highest quality ingredients. The brand’s passion for gluten-free and organic foods and their commitment to clean ingredients make a Palm Done Right partnership a natural fit. Their pre-packaged cookies, available in flavors like chocolate chip and coconut oatmeal, are available online and at natural foods stores across the country.

“At Steve & Andy’s, we are committed to using organic ingredients in our recipes to give consumers the most delicious, clean cookie possible. A partnership with Palm Done Right is a vital part of our commitment to not only our customers but the planet,” said Arjan (Andy) Khiani of Steve & Andy’s Organic.

Coming on the heels of these two partnerships, Palm Done Right’s #BakeADifference social media campaign aims to inform consumers on the benefits of organic palm oil while raising awareness about the impact of consumers’ daily choices. Consumers can pledge to #BakeADifference on Palm Done Right’s website and learn more about the benefits of palm oil, Palm Done Right’s partners, and how they can lead the change in making globally sustainable choices every day.

To learn more about Palm Done Right’s partners, #BakeADifference campaign and more click here.


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