October 5, 2023

Parents Would Rather Clean the Bathroom, Get a Cavity Filled than Pack Lunchboxes, According to New Survey from Juicy Juice

Parents, when was the last time your child’s lunchbox came home from school completely full? Or did you pack the same apple every day for a week just for it to come home untouched on Friday? You’re not alone. A new survey from 100 percent juice brand Juicy Juice revealed that nearly 3 in 4 (72 percent) parents say their child’s lunches often come back from school uneaten, which is particularly hindering considering a quarter (26 percent) of parents say packing a lunchbox is their least favorite chore. That, combined with nearly 1 in 3 (29 percent) parents saying they would rather clean the bathroom and nearly 1 in 5 (17 percent) saying they would rather get a cavity filled instead of packing a lunchbox, means parents need a lunchbox break.

Juicy Juice 100 percent juice has launched a new JJFriYAY Lunch Challenge asking parents to outsource lunchbox packing to their kids to put a stop to lunchboxes coming home from school full. Every Friday in October, starting Oct. 6, parents are challenged to let their kid call the shots on what goes in their lunchbox and post the unique results on social media. At the end of the month, one grand prize winner will receive a $10,000 grocery grant to go towards a year’s supply of groceries, plus a supply of 100 percent juice.

“Parents are feeling the lunchbox fatigue at this point in the school year and seeking inspiration on what to pack that their kids will actually eat, so we’re going straight to the source and asking the kids,” said Ilene Bergenfeld, Chief Marketing Officer at Harvest Hill Beverage Company. “While this will surely yield some unconventional lunches, the ultimate goal is to take the pressure off parents and put some fun into an otherwise unfavored chore.”

Parents can enter the JJFriYAY Lunch Challenge by uploading a photo, video or story of their child’s lunch picks on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and X (formerly Twitter), tagging and following @JuicyJuiceUSA and using #JJFriYAYSweepstakes. Follow along with JJFriYAY Lunch Challenge on Instagram and TikTok. See full rules at Juicy Juice.

As the lunchbox staple that both parents and kids have agreed upon for more than 40 years, Juicy Juice 100 percent juice provides one cup of fruit per 8 ounce serving, like eating an apple. It has no sugar added, no artificial sweeteners and no high fructose corn syrup. Juicy Juice 100 percent juice comes in a variety of flavors and sizes making it the perfect lunchbox staple that kids will never leave untouched. Visit Juicy Juice to find a retailer near you.

Survey Methodology

The survey was conducted by Pollfish in September 2023 to 1,000 US-based parents who pack lunches for their child(ren), aged 4 – 8, for school or daycare.

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