PBH Salutes Produce Industry Through Omni-Channel Communications Platforms March 25, 2020

PBH Salutes Produce Industry Through Omni-Channel Communications Platforms

The Produce for Better Health Foundation (PBH) is flexing the power of influencers, as well as their own platforms, to unify the produce industry with consumers during this time. With millions of people stuck at home with health and well-being top of mind, fruits and vegetables should continue to be prominently positioned for their many health benefits.

“We at PBH are doing what we do best: promoting and protecting fruits and vegetables when health is consumers’ top priority,” said Wendy Reinhardt Kapsak, President and CEO of PBH. “PBH is positioned to be the unifying public voice for our members and the collective produce industry, and we are effectively and credibly communicating the health and overall well-being benefits of fruit and vegetable consumption.”

Reinhardt Kapsak continued, “At a time when consumers are looking for answers, PBH is reassuring them that fruits and vegetables are safe and healthful choices – ultimately, empowering them with facts instead of fear and fiction; inspiring them to purchase and enjoy produce; instilling hope in uncertain times; and enhancing consumer trust in the broader produce industry’s dedication, competence and perseverance.”

Specifically, the following tactics have been activated to showcase the positive benefits of fruits and veggies and provide consumers with much-needed context during this uncertain time:

  1. Dedicated Coronavirus (COVID-19) Webpage on the PBH Website, org/coronavirus:

The goal of this page is to help calm consumers’ fears over “unsafe” fruits and vegetables and to arm them with COVID-19 related resources to ensure they have the information they need to stay informed.

  1. New Series on the PBH Homepage:

 Powerful Produce for Immune Support curates existing content from the PBH site as well as new content generated from PBH’s Fruit and Vegetable Ambassadors in Action (FVAA).

  1. Social Media Campaign Showcasing the People Who Grow, Pack, Ship and Offer Fruits and Vegetables in Retail and Food service Every Day:

The produce industry is working around the clock to ensure that consumers are able to feed their families now in these unsure times, and always. Healthy, safe foods for families and they are committed 24/7 to making sure that continues through this time and beyond.

  1. PBH Fruit and Vegetable Ambassadors in Action Activation (FVAA) Activation: 

To assist in populating PBH’s social channels with positive produce content now and during the next several months, the team has activated PBH’s 24 FVAA with a call for content on anything related to selecting, serving, savoring and storing fruits and vegetables, especially as it relates to the current COVID-19 situation. Whether it’s stocking up on immune-boosting ingredients or how to use an abundance of produce to batch cook, the network of culinary, health and wellness professionals are already providing content as an extension of the PBH voice to help followers navigate these challenging times.

  1. “Dirty Dozen” Issues Management:

The annual “Dirty Dozen” list from the Environmental Working Group (EWG) will be released this week on Wednesday, March 25th. The PBH team plans to activate and amplify messaging going out on behalf of its partner organization, the Alliance for Food and Farming (AFF), a non-profit organization formed in 1989 which represents organic and conventional farmers of fruits and vegetables.

  1. The 2020 State of the Plate 2.0 Research: 

PBH’s Board of Trustees, Committee and Council members gathered yesterday to discuss PBH’s signature research report update scheduled for 2020. The initial report will be released alongside the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and will confront the health and well-being of America with actionable insights during a significant and persistent fruit and vegetable consumption crisis. The PBH research platform is critical to elevate new fruit and vegetable consumption behaviors as a national priority and accelerate transformative growth.

“I can assure you our team is working diligently to continue to keep fruits and veggies front and center, as a commitment to our supporters and followers as well as the industry at large,” said Reinhardt Kapsak. “People are listening. They want solutions. They want to feel hopeful. And PBH can help bring this to them.”

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