January 30, 2024

Philadelphia Cream Cheese Debuts its First-Ever No-Hole Bagel in Partnership with North America’s Most Beloved Bagel Shops

While bagels and cream cheese are a seemingly perfect duo, the age-old question has haunted cream cheese lovers for far too long – why do bagels have holes when that space could be schmeared? As the undisputed cream cheese category leader, Philadelphia® is uniting North America’s most beloved bagel shops to put an end to holed bagels, once and for all. Introducing: Philadelphia Bagel Wholes – a limited-edition, no-hole bagel that gives fans more of what they love – bagel and schmear.

With support from Utopia Bagels in New York, Steingold’s of Chicago, Starship Bagel Dallas, Rubinstein Bagels in Seattle and St-Viateur Bagel in Montreal, Philadelphia Bagel Wholes feature each shop’s signature bagel without the hole, providing a first-of-its-kind solution that offers more space to enjoy its only cream cheese spread of choice: Philadelphia.

“We’ve heard our fans question why bagels have holes and the limitations it poses for their favorite cream cheese, and we couldn’t agree more,” said Keenan White, Senior Brand Manager, Philadelphia at the Kraft Heinz Company. “That’s why we’re joining forces with fan-favorite shops across North America to create a more-schmear movement, maximizing the space to enjoy Philly’s signature, creamy taste with every bite.”

With fresh bagels dropping daily, Philadelphia Bagel Wholes are available for purchase for a limited time in-store at all five bagel shops. Fans who can’t make it in-store can purchase the bagel for U.S. nationwide shipping via Gold Belly from Utopia Bagels, along with CAN nationwide shipping here, while supplies last.

“We’ve heard first-hand from our loyal customers about their frustrations around bagels with holes, so it was only right for us to rally with Philly, the only cream cheese that makes the cut to be on our bagels, in this creative movement,” said Oren Salomon, Owner, Starship Bagel in Dallas. “Now you can bite confidently into your bagel knowing that your bite will capture both bagel and schmear and lose none to the floor or less fortunate schmutz-dropping targets.”

For more details on the Philadelphia Bagel Wholes and how and where to get a taste, visit Phillybagelwholes.com and follow along on Philadelphia’s Instagram accounts at @phillycreamchs and @philly_canada.


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