October 31, 2022

Planet Based Foods Announces New Manufacturing Partner Cedarlane

Planet Based Foods Global Inc. will be working with new manufacturing partner Cedarlane Natural Foods, Inc.

The new manufacturing will bolster Planet Based Foods product diversity both horizontally; from burritos and taquitos, to handheld, easy-to-make health food options and vertically with options to expand flavor profiles of individual food products. Taquito production capacity will increase up to 25 million taquitos annually. Packaging systems in place for retail and food service items will get products to market in a more timely fashion.

Furthermore, Executive Chef Eric Kopelow, Vice President of Cedarlane is creating exclusive recipes for research and development by utilizing Planet Based Foods. This gives Planet Based Foods access to a top-of-the-line chef group, as well as domestic and global sourcing for recipe development. These recipes will be found on the Planet Based Foods website and help to enhance the overall consumer experience.

Planet Based Foods President Braelyn Davis said, “We value the brands that we can grow with and are very excited about the potential for economies of scale this partnership has on the production of our core proteins and to further saturate the market with our Superfood IP.”

Visit the Planet Based Foods website at Planet Based Foods. Learn more about Cedarlane Natural Foods at www.cedarlanefoods.com.

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