December 9, 2021

PlantX Launches Branded Mobile Application

PlantX Life Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of PlantX Shop, the new PlantX mobile application designed to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction by enabling a faster, simpler and more interactive shopping experience.

PlantX Shop, the Company’s new PlantX-branded mobile app, will be available to all PlantX customers on iOS and Android mobile devices in Canada and the United States. PlantX Shop aims to complement and expand PlantX’s existing e-commerce capabilities. While the current PlantX online platforms are created with a mobile first design, which ensures that the online shopping experience is mobile friendly, the new PlantX app aims to further enhance the PlantX shopping process by enabling customers to save passwords and shipping information and therefore expediting checkout times. The application is also designed to include an integrated QR code scanning feature that will allow customers to self-checkout in all of the XMarket retail stores, increasing the speed and efficiency of the checkout process. PlantX expects QR code scanning functionality will be integrated into an updated version of the app that is expected to launch mid-2022.

The app offers a selection of more than 5,000 plant-based grocery items, beverages, beauty products and indoor plants. Additionally, customers can access the XFood program, which is the Company’s meal delivery service in offering access to an exclusive variety of plant-based meals throughout Canada. PlantX Shop will also allow users to access a wide variety of new and creative plant-based recipes and tips, which aims to enrich their plant-based cooking experience. The recipes are linked to bundles of products that are available for sale on PlantX, which customers can purchase to easily recreate the recipes described on the app.

“The new PlantX app offers us a truly exciting advantage in interacting with our community in more efficient and dynamic ways,” said PlantX CEO, Lorne Rapkin. “There are many research studies that highlight the power of mobile technology in expanding business in the e-commerce space. Approximately one-third of online shopping is done through mobile apps, accounting for roughly 70 percent of all e-commerce sales. We are excited to see the potential of our new mobile app.”

The new app highlights the Company’s dedication to being the one-stop-shop for everything plant-based. The app can help PlantX distinguish itself in a highly competitive and fast-growing industry, as it aims to position itself a leader in the plant-based space. Additionally, the app will allow the Company to collect data which will help inform PlantX’s efforts to tailor services and products to individual customers’ preferences and enhance its marketing strategy by personalizing promotional campaigns.

‘With the significant rise of e-commerce and digitized shopping in recent months, customers are seeking easier options to navigate the complex online shopping systems available to them”, said Sean Dollinger, PlantX Founder. “We are always looking to develop new strategies that can help us upgrade our customers’ plant-based experience. PlantX Shop is an extremely exciting tool that allows us to go above and beyond to improve our customers’ satisfaction.”


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