April 29, 2024

Primi Foods Unveils Rebrand to Fuel Innovation in Convenient Cuisine Category

Primi Foods, formerly known as Pasta Noodles Company, announces a strategic rebrand to reflect its evolving focus on broader culinary innovation and reaffirm its leadership in the convenient cuisine sector. Coinciding with its expanding retail presence, including a recent feature as “Product of the Month” at The Fresh Market, this rebrand signals a new era for Primi Foods as it continues to enhance how meals are prepared and enjoyed.

Primi Foods’ proprietary rapid-cook technology, which has significantly enhanced how quality meals are prepared in just minutes, is at the core of this strategic shift. By maintaining the integrity and flavor of traditional cuisine without the long prep times, Primi Foods has set a new standard for meal solutions that cater to the busy lifestyles of today’s consumers.

“Adopting the Primi Foods name is a pivotal step in our journey towards culinary innovation. While our roots are deeply embedded in Italian culinary tradition, our proprietary technology is set to redefine meal preparation across a broader spectrum of cuisines. This rebrand reflects both our past achievements and our forward-looking strategy to meet diverse consumer needs through innovation,” said Paolo Internicola, Founder and CEO of Primi Foods.

The company’s innovative approach was recently recognized at the Sprouts Innovation Pitch Slam, where Primi Foods was highlighted for its groundbreaking methods and potential for disrupting the food industry.

The success at The Fresh Market and other retailers underscores the market’s recognition of Primi Foods’ innovation. The company’s technology and the quality of its products have made it a standout choice for consumers seeking convenient yet delicious meal options.

Looking ahead, Primi Foods is poised to leverage its innovative technology for future product enhancements and expansions, reinforcing its role as a leader in the convenient cuisine category. This strategic foundation enables Primi Foods to continue adapting and thriving in a competitive market, offering high-quality, great-tasting culinary experiences without compromise.

“Our future is focused on continuous innovation, and we’re excited to introduce more diverse meal solutions that cater to the evolving tastes and preferences of our customers,” added Internicola.

For more information about Primi Foods and its innovative approach to convenient cuisine, click here.


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