July 26, 2019

Produce Growers are Keeping Up with Increasing Organic Food Demand

The demand for organic foods is increasing, creating pressure for produce growers to fulfill this growing request. Media outlets have reported on various data reports showing an increase in organic fruit and vegetable sales within the last year. Consumers have shown willingness to spend more money for higher-quality foods and growers are stressing the importance of satisfying this demand. 

Several producers have commented on their experiences with the spike in organic food sales. 

Christina War, director of communications for the Santa Clarita, CA-based Sunkist Growers said, “Organic mandarins overall have shown three consecutive seasons of double-digit growth, with two-pound bags proving to be most popular. Organic navel and lemon sales are also strong, and we are seeing an increase in demand for specialty varieties, like our organic Cara Cara navels.”

“As pioneers in the organic banana market, we want to capitalize on this opportunity to tell our story and share the true cost of food, educating consumers about what takes place prior to eating a banana,” said Mayra Velazquez de León, founder of Organic Unlimited. “We were growing organic bananas long before it became trendy. In fact, the company grows organic bananas because this natural farming method produces the tastiest banana and is the safest way to plant, care for, harvest and consume a banana.”

“Back in the day, when organic was first becoming more mainstream, you had to go to several suppliers depending on who had what. Now, we have streamlined supply from the end of May through the first couple of weeks in December, which gives confidence to the buyer that you will be in the game,” said Rob Spinelli, sales manager of Anthony Vineyards in California. 


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