January 12, 2023

Pure Organic Unveils New Baked Crackers

Pure Organic is expanding its portfolio with a new product in 2023 – Pure Organic Baked Crackers made with cheese and veggies.

Available nationwide now, the new line of baked crackers, with three flavors to choose from – Double Cheddar, Parmesan Garlic and Garden Ranch – is made with 100 percent real cheese, plus added veggies and is a good source of vitamin D.

“Filled with better-for-you ingredients and a superior taste in every bite, these crackers are made for kids and parents,” said Janice Spurgeon, brand manager for Pure Organic. “We’re redefining the norm of snacking – first with our popular layered fruit bars and now with baked crackers – with a mission of creating treats that pay homage to old-school snacks while using quality ingredients for exceptional taste that the whole family can enjoy.”

Another notable element to Pure Organic’s new Baked Crackers’ packaging is a QR code that will invite consumers to join the brand in supporting No Kid Hungry and helping end childhood hunger. Pure Organic will donate $25,000 to No Kid Hungry which can help provide 250,000 meals in 2023. To learn more about ways to help, visit No Kid Hungry.

This effort is part of Kellogg’s™ Better Days Promise to create better days for 3 billion people by the end of 2030. This includes nourishing 1 billion people with our foods and feeding 375 million people facing food insecurity. For more information, visit betterdays.kelloggcompay.com.

Pure Organic new Baked Crackers’ will be sold at Kroger’s nationwide with an MSRP of $4.49. For more information and to find a store near you, visit Pure Organic.

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