May 25, 2023

Pure Protein Unveils New Look for its Portfolio of Better For You Active Nutrition Products

Pure Protein, the active nutrition line known for its portfolio of bars, ready-to-drink beverages and savory treats, has unveiled its first major redesign in nearly three decades, reflecting the evolving role Pure Protein plays in the lives of modern consumers seeking purposeful, protein-fueled snacks since its founding in 1995.

Rolling out on e-commerce and in stores nationwide between now and August, Pure Protein’s modern makeover signals its transition beyond the gym as a great-tasting, fast-growing lifestyle brand.

“While Pure Protein has a heritage in the fitness space, today it has much broader appeal as a mainstream lifestyle brand for people who want high protein, low sugar foods without sacrificing on taste,” said Pure Protein Brand Director Alex Fishman. “Spanning all physical and digital touchpoints, from packaging to in-store merchandising, Pure Protein’s new look puts our products and flavors front and center in an approachable, eye-catching package.”

Pure Protein’s new visual identity features prominent product imagery illustrating its superior taste and appealing range of sweet or savory flavor profiles. The clean, premium look highlights nutritional differentiators such as high protein and low sugar and includes an updated logo, a vibrant color palette, and a fresh typeface.

This redesign is the first major initiative under CEO Azania Andrews, who most recently led the triple-digit growth of Michelob ULTRA at AB InBev after repositioning the brand as an active lifestyle beer. Andrews joined Pure Protein’s parent company 1440 Foods as CEO last year and swiftly set about revamping and expanding the winning portfolio, which also includes MET-Rx and Body Fortress.

“Pure Protein is an established active nutrition brand with a loyal fan base, having pioneered a fast-growing category of products designed to fuel the active lives of everyday people,” said Andrews. “With this brand refresh, we are retaining what Pure Protein’s loyal fans know and love about these delicious and satisfying snacks – great taste and stellar nutrition –  while equipping our portfolio to win online and at retail in a high potential, increasingly competitive 16 billion dollar marketplace.”

The Pure Protein portfolio of sweet or savory high-protein, low-sugar products includes its signature Pure Protein Bars, Ready-to-Drink Shakes and Powders, as well as recently launched innovations including Pure Protein Plant-Based Nut Bars, Candy Bar Bites, and Popped Crisps. To purchase, visit the Pure Protein Store on Amazon or the Pure Protein Store on Walmart.

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