April 9, 2018

QFC considers name change

On April 6, The Seattle Timesreported that Bellevue-based grocery store QFC or Quality Food Centers was considering changing its name to “the Q.”

Suzy Monford, president of Kroger’s QFC Division, said the company was looking at revamping the brand to give it a more modern feel. “We call ourselves the Q,” Monford told the newspaper. “Amongst many of the innovations we’re working on, we are going to be looking at our brand and sort of modernizing it, if you will,” she said.

Monford told King 5 News: “We love getting feedback from our customers and for more than 60 years we have worked to champion our Pacific Northwest communities. We are and will always be Quality Food Centers, and as we lean into being modern merchants we will honor our hard-won legacy of local, fresh and quality.”

“Our mission is to remain the authentic neighborhood market that boasts the freshest local everything, favorite foodie finds, best local people and the cool, relevant tech that makes shopping even easier and more convenient. We’ll work to keep our brand as fresh as our local organic apples! So fear not; whether you say, “I’ll meet you at Q,” “QFC” or “the Q,” we’re here for you,” she added.

A company spokesman added later that “any sort of re-branding is in the very early planning stages.”


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