October 21, 2021

Quickly in Partnership with Kimbala Launches Authentic Ready-to-Drink Indian Chai & Coffee

A new fridge staple is coming to Quicklly’s digital marketplace with the launch of Kimbala’s ready-to-drink Indian chai and coffee beverages. As the nation’s most comprehensive, one-stop marketplace for South Asian food, Quicklly is now making Kimbala’s aromatic and flavorful Ready-to-Drink Chai, Chai Concentrates and Ready-to-Drink Coffee available to consumers across the country.

Founded in 2020 by Austin-based Madhu Sharoff, Kimbala, which is a combination of Sanskrit words that roughly translate into “what is your strength,” is as much a call to find daily peace and inspiration as it is an opportunity to take a break and enjoy a moment of delicious mindfulness.

“When I moved to the U.S., I missed the mindful chai breaks that had punctuated my days in India. After years of trying chai drinks that didn’t mirror the hearty and comforting taste I was used to, my partner and I decided to go back to the basics and create a beverage that our friends and family could really enjoy,” said Sharoff. “It’s so heartwarming to now have the opportunity to expand our reach and make it easier for more people to experience the delicious taste of real chai through this partnership with Quicklly.”

Kimbala’s iconic chai is made with the same small-batch method that Indian chai brewers have used for centuries. Kimbala Ready-to-Drink Chai features a perfectly balanced blend of – masalas (spices), tea, sugar, milk – and has a rich milk texture that’s free of any preservatives, artificial ingredients or stabilizers.

“Kimbala is the first product we’ve seen that truly captures the essence of the chai drinks we grew up within India,” said Keval Raj and Hanish Pahwa, Quicklly co-founders. “Kimbala’s harmonious blends create a delightful and refreshingly desi chai that’s perfect for breakfast, before dinner or on the go. We’re thrilled to be one of the first to introduce this authentically Indian beverage to Quicklly’s consumers.”

In addition to its line of Ready-to-Drink Chai beverages, Kimbala’s Chai Concentrates and Ready-to-Drink Coffees provide options for those looking for delicious alternatives to traditional chai drinks. Both variants are made with simple ingredients and feature jaggery, an unrefined natural sweetener popular in India. Quicklly consumers can build their Kimbala box with any combination of products and schedule weekly, biweekly or even monthly deliveries.

Quicklly’s easy-to-use website and app allow customers to add Kimbala products to any single or standing product order and schedule their most convenient delivery time and date. Consumers can also easily manage payment and update their delivery information, all through the simple-to-use order page. The company also offers traditional grocery, restaurant and tiffin delivery to customers within the New York-New Jersey Metro Area, Greater Chicago and San Francisco Bay Area. For more information or to sign up, go to Quicklly.

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