December 14, 2018

Raley’s sells its fuel business to Anabi Oil

Raley’s recently announced plans to sell its Aisle 1 fuel stations to Anabi Oil, a Southern California family business and convenience store operator. Anabi Oil owns and operates more than 295 locations and delivers fuel to an additional 160 stations under multiple brands including its own Rebel brand.

Raley’s currently operates 13 Aisle 1 Fuel Stations throughout Northern California and Nevada, adjacent to their store locations. Aisle 1 fuel stations offer full-service fuel, car wash and convenience items. The deal will make Anabi’s Aisle 1 locations and Raley’s exclusive fuel partners. Anabi Oil is prepared to assume operations of the Aisle 1 fuel stations as of early 2019, under the name Aisle 1.

“As we continue to move our vision around health and wellness forward, we are focused on our core business of offering healthy food at affordable prices,” said Keith Knopf, Raley’s President & CEO. “This move will allow Raley’s to advance our long-range strategic plan and sets up a series of moves that will position Raley’s for significant growth and expansion,” Knopf said.

“Aisle 1 is a great addition to the Rebel Brand, complementing our existing portfolio in both California and Nevada,” said Sam Anabi, CEO & Owner, Anabi Oil. “We are excited about our long-term relationship with Raley’s.  With our expertise in running fuel stations and convenience stores, paired with a dominant grocer in the market, we will offer customers a fueling, convenience store and grocery rewards experience that others cannot,” Anabi said.

Raley’s and Anabi Oil are working to provide options for continued employment to the 80 team members currently working at the fuel stations. Under the agreement, Raley’s will continue to provide customers with fuel rewards when shopping in select Raley’s grocery stores and customers will continue to redeem those rewards at the Aisle 1 sites.


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