December 11, 2021

RIND Snacks Launches ISLAND Blend

RIND Snacks, a leader in functional and sustainable snacking, has unveiled a new, limited-edition, island-inspired flavor line: ISLAND Blend.

A blend featuring sweet honeydew melon, tangy and juicy mandarin orange and chewy banana bites, ISLAND Blend is made with rescued, overripe and slightly imperfect skin-on fruit, with no added sugar or sulfites, 100 calories per serving and four grams of fiber per bag. The chewy and tropical seasonal is also naturally vegan and gluten-free as well as kosher and non-GMO verified.

“As a non-conformist fruit snack, we’ve never been about following the crowd,” said Matt Weiss, Founder & CEO of RIND. “Peppermint and pumpkin spice may be nice, but we think consumers are looking for a snack to transport them this winter…which is why we’re fired up to give these summertime fruits a second life in winter.”

RIND uses upcycled, rescued produce in its sourcing and drying processes while retaining the nutrient-rich fruit skin whenever possible. As a result, RIND has successfully diverted more than 120,000 pounds of edible peels from entering landfills in 2020 and is on track to triple that impact in 2021 with a goal of 1 million pounds of peels eliminated in 2022.

ISLAND Blend will be available on for a limited time while supplies last. For more information on RIND, visit the company’s website.


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