Sampler Partners with UNFI to Give Suppliers Solution to Promote Brand Trial December 15, 2021

Sampler Partners with UNFI to Give Suppliers Solution to Promote Brand Trial

Sampler, a leading digital product sampling platform, is partnering with UNFI, North America’s largest grocery wholesale distributor to help brands find a way around in-store sampling which was disrupted because of the pandemic.

Sampler’s digital product sampling platform allows brands to send physical product samples to the homes of digitally targeted consumers, bringing the in-store sampling experience right to their doorstep. With options built for every budget, this approach makes targeted at-home sampling accessible, affordable and measurable while helping brands tackle key objectives such as driving trial and awareness, collecting first-party dataor receiving consumer ratings, reviews and user-generated content.

Marie Chervier, Sampler’s CEO and Founder said, “once the pandemic hit, traditional ways of handing out samples, like in-store demos, became non-viable. Because of this, we’ve been working hard to spread awareness about digital product sampling and make it accessible to brands of all sizes. With UNFI’s help, we can accelerate conversations about the power of digital sampling with brands across UNFI’s portfolio.”

“Supporting innovation and new ideas has always been a part of our company DNA,” said UNFI President Chris Testa. “UNFI sells more than 275,000 unique products from thousands of national, regional and local suppliers. Working with Sampler, we can help deliver a solution for brands wanting to generate greater trial and consumer awareness for their products. This new marketing vehicle can be customized by demographics and region providing an ability to support product distribution to UNFI retailers.”

A Sampler study of more than 38,000 North American consumers showed that 74.6 percent of respondents prefer shopping and trying products at home. Using Sampler, consumers can opt-in to create an account and get matched with samples that fit their product, lifestyle and shopping preferences–making it more efficient for both the brand and consumer alike. Interested consumers can create a Sampler account here.


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