August 22, 2023

Seeds of Change Launches New Innovation: Super Grains

Seeds of Change has introduced its new innovation called Super Grains. This latest line-up makes eating wholesome, organic meals delicious and accessible through three cuisine-based flavor varieties.

Seeds of Change Super Grains will launch in Whole Foods Markets stores nationwide this September, providing a plant-based protein source with no artificial colors or flavors. This ancient grain blend is an effortless way to add protein and elevate your next meal with a good source of plant-based fiber. The product will be available in major retailers nationwide in 2024.

“As ancient grains like millet and sorghum are becoming mainstream, Seeds of Change is committed to bringing these ingredients to the masses in a tasty and convenient way,” said Angie Madigan, Vice President of Marketing, Mars Food & Nutrition North America. “We are excited to introduce Super Grains as a healthy, easy and accessible option as we continue to live our purpose to deliver better food today for a better world tomorrow.”

Consumers can enjoy Super Grains with a quick stir on the stove or microwave them directly in the pouch in as little as 90 seconds consumers. This innovation is available in three cuisine-based flavors for your next meal or gathering:

  • Tuscan Herbs: Seeds of Change Organic Super Grains Tuscan Herbs lets you mix up your menu with the rich, nutty flavors of organic quinoa, wheat berries and pearl millet.
  • Indian Style: Seeds of Change Organic Super Grains Indian Style Rice spices up your table with a globally inspired favorite of sorghum, finger millet and quinoa for a crowd-pleaser.
  • Smoky Southwest: Seeds of Change Organic Super Grains Smoky Southwest delivers an easy-to-make combination of good-for-you quinoa, amaranth, pearl millet and sorghum for a wide variety of rice sides and organic rice bowls.

All Seeds of Change food products are certified-organic, vegetarian and vegan-friendly. As part of the brand’s mission, the brand donates 1 percent of its profits to non-profit FoodCorps, to help connect communities to healthy food by leading hands-on lessons in growing, cooking and tasting healthy food.

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