May 22, 2020

ShopHero Partners with Winkler Wholesale Grocery to 400 Independent Grocers

Winkler Wholesale Grocers, a family-owned and operated grocery wholesaler announced a strategic partnership with ShopHero to provide online grocery shopping to the 400+ retailers Winkler supplies. Grocery stores in Missouri, northern Indiana, eastern Ohio, southern Michigan and northern Illinois will all be participating.

Winkler Wholesale Grocers was founded in 1911 and more than 100 years later the Winkler family tradition of hard work, innovation, and customer service still drives the company today as it supports independent grocers across 6 Midwest states. By selecting ShopHero as the exclusive eCommerce provider for Winkler retailers, the company shows exactly why so many grocers put their trust in this organization. They are forward-thinking and they are putting the interest of their retailers at the forefront of what they do.

With online grocery sales up nearly 40 percent across the country, Winkler is arming its retailers to compete now and in the future.

“We saw the importance of offering a top-notch online grocery solution to our grocers, and we’ve been very impressed with the ShopHero team. They have the best technology we’ve seen in the market, but more importantly, their team understands the independent grocer. We’re very excited about this partnership,” said Josh Winkler, president and CEO at Winkler.

ShopHero’s platform allows independent grocers of all sizes to quickly and easily get online. Retailers have complete control over their site and the ability to offer curbside pickup and/or delivery on a schedule they set according to their store’s needs and abilities. The eCommerce platform includes a state of the art picking tool that optimizes order picking, alerts shoppers when their order is ready and even tracks deliveries in real-time. All these features, and many more, are designed to ensure that the online shopping experience matches what shoppers have come to expect in-store.

Rob Christian, a 45-year grocery industry veteran and CEO of ShopHero commented on the partnership: “Online grocery ordering is here to stay and we commend Josh Winkler and his team for being thought leaders in an industry that hasn’t experienced much change during the last few decades. Their retailers will appreciate how simple it is to implement, and the shoppers will love all of the little details that go into each website – like the ability to search the store’s entire inventory and add items to their cart right from the search bar.”

ShopHero is the leading provider of online grocery services to independent retailers, supporting stores in all 50 states. ShopHero’s technology is trusted by hundreds of independent retailers who are successfully offering curbside pickup and/or delivery services to their communities. Contact to speak with an online grocery specialist about getting your store online today.

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