March 23, 2018

ShopRite to introduce meal kits

ShopRite announced on March 23 it will launch a line of multi-cultural, gourmet meal kits. The meal kits are created by professional chefs with entrees serving two to four people and using fresh ingredients which meet USDA-recommended dietary regulations.

The packaged kits will be available at select ShopRite stores and will dish out varieties such as Thai Coconut Chicken, Chicken Marsala, Korean Beef Stir Fry, Moroccan Chicken and Pork Scaloppini.

“Our shoppers want to enjoy healthy, delicious dinners, but finding the time to cook a meal from scratch isn’t always an option,” said Geoffrey Wexler, vice president of food services at ShopRite. He added that industry statistics show approximately 53 percent of dinners are planned within an hour of eating.

“With the introduction of these meal kits, we’re able to offer our customers a simple way to create a five-star meal that is less expensive than a subscription service, doesn’t require advance planning or prep work, and can go from store-to-table in just one pan in about 15 minutes or less,” Wexler said.

ShopRite supermarkets currently offer ready-to-eat meals under its signature brand, ShopRite Kitchen. Some of its stores also offer customers a ‘Meals Made Well’ cart, that contain all the ingredients required to create a “meal of the week” recommended by ShopRite dietitians and corporate chefs.


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