July 26, 2019

Side Delights Supports Mediterranean-style Diet

Rich in vegetables and fruits, the Mediterranean-style diet has continuously been recognized as a wholesome regimen for physical health and is associated with longer life expectancy and reduced risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. The American Psychiatric Association has reason to believe this nutritional diet has protective effects against cognitive decline in older individuals and decreased likelihood of developing symptoms of depression. Various sources describe the dietary guidelines: no grain, no dairy, less sugar, more healthy fats, medium amounts of protein and a lot of vegetables. 

Side Delights, a leading brand of fresh and wholesome potatoes of the highest quality, and their supplier, Fresh Solutions Network, are in full support of Mediterranean-style diets. 

“Potatoes have been known as America’s favorite vegetable for decades, and as research continues to build on the health advantages of vegetable-heavy eating plans, consumers are embracing filling, flavorful ways to incorporate vegetables into more meals,” said Kathleen Triou, president and CEO of Fresh Solutions Network, in media reports. 

“Potatoes have a high-satiety factor and are extremely versatile, making them the perfect addition to a vegetable-based diet plan that can improve overall health and help relieve depression,” Triou added. 




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