January 25, 2024

SimplyProtein Debuts Humorous 2nd Wave of “Keep It Simplyfied” Campaign

SimplyProtein, the maker of high performing energy foods, has launched the second flight of its “Keep it Simplyfied” integrated marketing campaign, deploying wry humor and universally relatable situations to emphasize the brand’s message of “sensible protein for people in progress.”

First introduced in 4Q 2023, the campaign’s second evolution turns the “new year, new you” paradigm on its head with a series of fresh creative that gently pokes fun at the tendency to try to improve ourselves with draconian resolutions that soon fall by the wayside.

“We have terrific respect for our customers and realize that it’s easy for anyone to fall into the narrative of ‘turning over a new leaf’ at the start of the new year,” said Kairen Wu, Senior Vice President Marketing + Innovation for Wellness Natural Inc., parent company of SimplyProtein. “We want to be the brand that takes some of the pressure off and acknowledge that if eating better is a priority in 2024, it’s possible to snack smarter in an accessible, perfectly imperfect way – and that’s a good thing.”

Toronto-based agency Bobby Inc. developed the second wave of the campaign to include static ads, GIFs and short videos that convey the brand’s core belief, “Life’s Complicated, Keep it Simplyfied.” The new creative will be featured across channels, targeting mass reach and high impact placements through online, video, social, e-mail and in-store marketing.

Crisp, product-focused graphics, brief text and in-the-know messaging convey a shared sensibility with its audience. Copy lines include: “Resolve not to have resolutions. Keep it Simplyfied;” “Resolve to find sweatpants that look like jeans. Keep it Simplyfied;” and “The only guilt you’ll feel is not sharing with your kid. Keep it Simplyfied.” As well, a stone-faced dog on a couch with the pillow it just shredded, a woman walking through a downpour with her umbrella blown inside out and a heartwarming 15 second video of a father attempting to put a sweatshirt on his ever-squirming toddler are among the relatable situations that depict “Life’s Complicated. Keep it Simplyfied.”

All SimplyProtein products are B Corp certified, plant-based, gluten-free and certified vegan and kosher, making the ingredients of high performing energy foods approachable and available for anyone seeking protein snacks that are both nutritious and delicious. All SimplyProtein products contain between 7 and 20 grams of plant-based protein, 5 or fewer grams of sugar, are high in fiber, 200 calories or under and contain no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

Originally created in 2004 and owned and evolved by Wellness Natural Inc. since 2020, the brand’s protein-rich product line includes snack bars, dipped bars and ready-to-drink shakes. In the US, the shakes can be purchased on Amazon.com or at its own direct-to-consumer website SimplyProtein. To learn more about SimplyProtein, visit SimplyProtein and in Canada, SimplyProtein.

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