September 19, 2023

SOUR PATCH KIDS Brand Unveils Limited Edition Apple-Inspired Flavors

The SOUR PATCH KIDS brand is bringing a new fall flavor to consumers with a limited-edition release of apple-inspired candy. SOUR PATCH KIDS Apple Harvest candy is a delicious take on a seasonal classic with three sour-then-sweet apple-inspired flavors: Cranberry Apple, Apple Cider and Caramel Apple. Consumers are encouraged to pick up the limited-release product while SOUR PATCH KIDS Apple Harvest candy is available nationwide now through October.

“We’re helping consumers turn over a new leaf this fall with our seasonal introduction of SOUR PATCH KIDS Apple Harvest candy. This limited-edition product captures autumn’s essence in a soft, chewy candy that delivers the ultimate sour-then-sweet combination our fans know and love,” said Jenna Carls, senior brand manager, candy, Mondelēz International. “Whether you’re looking for a back-to-school treat, planning a trip to the local orchard or preparing for the next tailgate, SOUR PATCH KIDS Apple Harvest candy delivers all the tart and tangy fun this fall.

SOUR PATCH KIDS Apple Harvest candy is now available at major national retailers in a 10 ounce pouch for $3.00 SRP. For more information about SOUR PATCH KIDS, visit here.

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