March 19, 2024

South Texas Onion Committee Announces 2024 Campaign Launch

The South Texas Onion Committee (STOC) has kicked off the harvest for Texas 1015 Sweet Onions (TX1015). Upcoming promotional activities, funded through a USDA-AMS Specialty Crop Block Grant administered by the Texas Department of Agriculture, aim to boost brand recognition and sales for TX1015s, targeting both retailers and consumers. Throughout the season, the comprehensive campaign will utilize various digital and in-person platforms to increase consumption and drive sales.

Building on the success of their record-breaking 2023 campaign, STOC will release a new video series, titled “Peeling Back the Layers of the TX1015,” highlighting the stories of the Texans who cultivate TX1015s, offering consumers a deeper connection to the heritage, hearts and hands behind each onion.

“We’re excited to offer this behind-the-scenes look at the individuals behind the TX1015 Sweet Onion and to honor the dedication of the families and farmworkers whose commitment to quality is feeding families across the country. It’s important to know where our food is coming from and to understand the profound connections that we have with our produce through the growers in our local communities,” said Dante Galeazzi, manager of the South Texas Onion Committee and President of Texas International Produce Association.

Consumer-facing promotions in this year’s campaign will extend to a broader audience than ever before. Shoppers should keep their eyes open for engaging promotions including the “Sizzlin’ Flavor” sweepstakes (which features more than $1,000 in prizes), monthly social media giveaways, a food influencer recipe contest and the release of a cookbook highlighting the versatility of Texas’ favorite sweet onion.

For the second year, STOC will collaborate with Texas food legend David Elder of “Texas Eats” to highlight the history and significance of the official vegetable of the Lone Star State. Additionally, residents and visitors within the Rio Grande Valley can anticipate the return of the Annual TX1015 Eat Sweet Restaurant Week event, during which local restaurants will feature special menu items incorporating TX1015 sweet onions, boasting their unique and versatile nature.

“This year’s dynamic campaign is already off to a fantastic start, and we’re confident it will reach new audiences and leave an impact statewide and beyond,” said Galeazzi. “Many consumers are not aware that all US-grown sweet onions were bred from the original TX1015 sweets, and we’re on a mission to change that,” he concluded.

The harvest of TX1015 onions has already begun in Texas’ southern counties. While a brisk January has affected early yields, availability is anticipated to rise substantially as temperatures increase in the Rio Grande Valley. Thanks to mild winter conditions, exceptional quality is anticipated. Excellent quality, size and availability are expected to continue throughout the summer as the harvest begins in the Wintergarden region in another six to eight weeks. Overall, the season will bring an abundance of delicious TX1015 sweet onions, which will be available in stores across the country.

Contact your TX1015 sales agent today to plan your 2024 TX1015 program. For more information about campaign activities, to sign up for the TX1015 newsletter or to access our retailer toolkit visit TX1015.

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