November 18, 2022

SPAM Introduces SPAM Figgy Pudding

The makers of the SPAM Brand has launched its limited-edition SPAM Figgy Pudding. The new seasonal variety is now available while supplies last at SPAM, Amazon and and features a blend of warm spices and popular seasonal ingredients.

A savory, sweet and comforting innovation, SPAM Figgy Pudding is intended to evoke a sense of nostalgia and warmth, taking consumers back to their favorite memories from holidays past. The variety features cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, allspice and cloves, along with popular winter flavor profiles like fig and orange flavors.

“This new flavor brings the spirit of the holidays in one can! It honors the traditional recipe, while making it easy and versatile to enjoy,” said Steve Venenga, VP of Marketing for the SPAM Brand. “SPAM Figgy Pudding represents how one dish creates new interpretations of traditions, each leaving their own mark, just as the SPAM Brand has done since 1937.”

Still asking “What is Figgy Pudding?” The SPAM Brand has also created an animation and song to reintroduce consumers to this holiday treat. The brand has assembled all the classic holiday characters including Santa, reindeer, elves, a yeti and, of course, the holiday hog to sing, “We Wish You A Figgy Christmas.” Click here to view.

To try SPAM Figgy Pudding for yourself, visit SPAM, Amazon and Walmart to order now, while supplies last.

Each purchase includes a two-pack of 12oz cans at a suggested retail price of $10. For additional inspiration on how to best serve SPAM Figgy Pudding, visit SPAM.

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