December 15, 2022

SpartanNash Teams Up with Afresh to Bolster AI-Functionality

SpartanNash has partnered with one of the world’s leading fresh food technology companies, Afresh Technologies to pilot the Afresh platform, an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered predictive ordering and inventory management solution, at 10 of its owned Family Fare grocery stores in the Grand Rapids, MI area.

“Our partnership with Afresh will help SpartanNash deliver fresh produce to our store guests while also minimizing food waste, which is a key focus area for our company’s ESG efforts,” said SpartanNash Chief Merchandising Officer Bennett Morgan. “Leveraging the strength of artificial intelligence and digital workflow will provide our associates with insights to create solutions that benefit our corporate retail store guests.”

Afresh equips SpartanNash’s Fresh Department managers with easy-to-use, modern ordering tools – powered by real-time insights – to support fresh ordering decisions. The platform’s insights build upon the expertise of SpartanNash associates to create the best possible shopper experience and making fresh food accessible to all. The tool helps minimize food waste by ensuring the appropriate inventory levels are maintained and always fresh based on insights from guests’ shopping habits.

“SpartanNash takes pride in empowering store leaders with buying decisions and providing the freshest foods for its store guests,” said Afresh CEO Matt Schwartz. “Afresh is proud to partner with the SpartanNash team to help better manage the ever-changing nature of fresh. As the only built-for-fresh solution that intelligently navigates hard-to-predict data to drive optimal decisions, Afresh takes a unique approach to solving the complexities of a fresh department.”

“The more time our associates save in the forecasting and ordering process, the more time they can spend on the floor serving our store guests,” said SpartanNash Executive Vice President and General Manager, Corporate Retail Tom Swanson. “SpartanNash will continue to implement innovative solutions that improve our shoppers’ in-store experience and help us deliver the ingredients for a better life.”




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