SpartanNash Unveils New Premium Private Label Brand “Finest Reserve” February 20, 2024

SpartanNash Unveils New Premium Private Label Brand “Finest Reserve”

Food solutions company SpartanNash today announced the launch of its new private label brand, Finest Reserve by Our Family. The collection is currently a curated offering of artisan-crafted frozen pizzas, upscale pastas, sauces, dressings and marinades, premium spices, salts and seasoning blends, chocolate and wine – with more products to come. Featuring elevated flavors and attainable indulgence, the new line is a testament to Finest Reserve’s ethos that everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy food at its finest.

“Research tells us that nearly half of today’s shoppers view value and affordability as the most important factors when deciding what groceries to purchase,” said SpartanNash Vice President, OwnBrands Jason Cunningham. “We’re doubling down on our investment in our popular OwnBrands offerings to help shoppers maximize their budgets while still enjoying their favorite indulgences.”

Finest Reserve uses fresh and authentic ingredients to create gourmet flavors for friends and families to savor, share and remember. The new private label is an extension of Our Family, SpartanNash’s flagship brand, that has notably captured the attention of the Company’s customer base.

“Since 1904, shoppers have loved the Our Family brand because of its exceptional flavors, diverse variety and competitive prices,” said independent grocery store owner and Finest Reserve retailer Randy Jaeger of Marketplace Foods. “We’re excited to bring Finest Reserve to our shelves to build on this momentum and provide our shoppers with an even more refined and indulgent experience.”

Finest Reserve is defined by three core values collectively informing its products and purpose:

  • Authentic: As a responsible steward, Finest Reserve will only offer products, recipes and ingredients that are unique, original, verified in origin and utilize the best practices in quality control.
  • Culinary: The brand is committed to providing recipes and sophisticated flavors that highlight the culinary creativity and passion behind every offering. This results in a contemporary twist on traditional offerings to invite conversations about the joy of food.
  • Cordial: Finest Reserve is a brand that promotes inclusivity, presenting high-end offerings at an accessible price point.

To continue providing shoppers with an extensive suite of value-based options, SpartanNash OwnBrands products, including Finest Reserve, will be available at Company retail locations and at its independent grocer customer stores across the country.

For more information about Finest Reserve and to browse products, click here.

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