January 5, 2024

Starco Brands Celebrates Unprecedented Organic Growth of Winona Pure Popcorn Spray

Starco Brands, Inc., developer and acquirer of behavior-changing technologies and brands, announces the significant expansion and success of its Winona Pure® Popcorn Spray line, the first indulgent theater-popcorn spray powered by air. A key player in Starco Brands’ diverse and disruptive brand portfolio, Winona Pure Popcorn Spray significantly expanded distribution nationally at Walmart by approximately 1,700 stores and launched its distribution with Meijer and H-E-B storewide. The product has grown through consistent and sustained repeat purchases despite minimal marketing expenditure, evidencing its ability to successfully change consumer behavior. The product is projected to double its revenue for the second consecutive year.

“We are immensely proud of the remarkable growth and market acceptance of Winona Pure Popcorn Spray. The goal was to bring the movie-theater popcorn experience to homes, and this success story clearly demonstrates our commitment and capability to innovate and change consumer behavior for the better. Our ability to organically expand our retail and online distribution without relying on large marketing spend speaks volumes about the intrinsic capability to invent and commercialize products that change behavior and bring our customers an incredible sensory experience,” said Starco Brands CEO Ross Sklar. “As we continue to see an impressive increase in revenue, it reaffirms the company’s plans to expand distribution and add new flavors. At Starco Brands, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation and bringing products to market that resonate deeply with our customers.”

The Winona Pure Popcorn Spray has expanded its national presence in Walmart stores, growing from 2,500 to 4,200 doors during the third quarter of 2023. This expansion is a testament to the brand’s robust performance and consumer demand across the United States. Winona Pure Popcorn Spray is available at Walmart and in approximately 99 percent of US Walmart stores, indicating consistent sales velocity across all regions.

Further cementing its market presence, the Winona Pure Popcorn Spray launched its distribution with Michigan-based Meijer and Texas-based H-E-B grocery stores in 2023. This strategic partnership introduced Winona Pure to nearly 200 Meijer and more than 300 H-E-B store locations, amplifying its accessibility and reinforcing its position as a consumer favorite in the popcorn enhancement category.

A remarkable aspect of the growth trajectory of Winona Pure is its organic expansion without dedicated marketing expenditure. This growth is driven by the product’s innate must-have appeal, high consumer satisfaction and strong repeat purchase rates. The brand’s ability to resonate with consumers purely based on its quality, innovation and overall sensory experience is a testament to Starco Brands’ ability to develop products that inherently change consumer behaviors and preferences.

For the second consecutive year, Winona Pure is on track to more than double its revenue compared to the previous year. This sustained, significant growth underscores the brand’s escalating popularity and solid position in the market as a must-have product for popcorn enthusiasts.

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