Starr Ranch Growers to Manage Sales and Marketing for Stadelman Fruit April 13, 2020

Starr Ranch Growers to Manage Sales and Marketing for Stadelman Fruit

Starr Ranch Growers is the new marketing and sales arm of Stadelman Fruit. The partnership, effective May 1, adds more than 3 million boxes of apples, cherries and pears to Starr Ranch’s portfolio of 21 million boxes of fruit overall. Stadelman Fruit will continue to own the storage and packing facility but will operate as a sister company to Starr Ranch and pack to Starr’s specifications. The partnership adds a Yakima-based cherry program to Starr’s seven statewide facilities and extends the company’s cherry season. Stadelman has three packing lines and an organic line.

“This partnership adds to our scale and gives us the flexibility to pack any variety on any given day,” said Brett Reasor, Starr Ranch CEO. “The market requires that ability and meeting the needs of our core customers drives all of our business decisions.” Stadelman is a family owned business with more than 120 years of experience, joining Starr Ranch which has been in business and family owned since 1934.

Jeff Baldwin, President of Stadelman Fruit, said, “By aligning with Starr Ranch Growers we are well positioned to serve both our land and the needs of the market. Throughout the history of our company we strived to be a top provider of the best quality product. This union will take us forward in our ability to implement our values and continue to deliver the best product to customers.”

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