October 26, 2023

Steeped Coffee to Showcase Revolutionary Brew Method at 2023 Annual Private Label Trade Show

Steeped Coffee Brewing, the pioneering brand that has reshaped the way the world thinks about single-serve coffee, is attending the much-anticipated PLMA’s Annual Private Label Trade Show from Nov. 12-14, 2023 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Chicago, IL.

Steeped will be offering live demonstrations of its patent-pending Steeped Brew Bag Method, allowing PLMA attendees to experience firsthand the magic behind every cup. This game-changing brew technique in which single-serve coffee is brewed similarly to tea promises unparalleled convenience without compromising on taste, quality or environmental responsibility.

Steeped will also spotlight its latest private label partnership, presenting the premium line of coffee by none other than renowned chef Curtis Stone, packaged exclusively in single-serve Steeped Brew Bags.

“The PLMA show offers a pivotal platform for brands to highlight their innovations, and we’re eager to share our unique approach to specialty coffee with a broader audience,” said Josh Wilbur, CEO and Founder of Steeped Coffee. “Our collaboration with Curtis Stone underscores our commitment to bringing gourmet coffee experiences to the everyday consumer in a sustainable, user-friendly format.”

The theme of this year’s show, “Experience the Phenomenon!”, aptly captures the meteoric rise of store brands in today’s market landscape. More than a passing trend, store brands have blossomed into a robust $230 billion industry in the US alone. As consumers lean more towards products that align with their values and lifestyle choices, the role of innovative companies like Steeped Coffee becomes ever more paramount.

Attendees at the trade show can look forward to exploring how Steeped Coffee aligns with the essence of this year’s theme, marrying quality, innovation and value, while promoting an environmentally conscious and healthier lifestyle.

Steeped Coffee invites all attendees to join them at Booth F6601 in Sky Hall for a chance to sip, savor and immerse themselves in the coffee phenomenon that’s taking the industry by storm.


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