October 16, 2023

Strong Pazazz Apple Crop Ready for Release

This National Apple Month, Honeybear Brands, a leading grower, packer, shipper and developer of premium apples, is welcoming visitors to Booth 2071 at the International Fresh Produce Association show Oct. 19 and 20 as a strong Pazazz apple crop prepares to hit retail shelves.

“We’re seeing robust crops across all our orchards, including those on both coasts and the Midwest,” said Don Roper, Vice President at Honeybear Brands. “This means strong supply for retailers and delicious fruit on hand for shoppers at the lowest landed costs.”

Coming Soon

The new crop of Pazazz will be released later this month, with supply coming from Washington, the Midwest, New York and Nova Scotia. For the second year in a row, Honeybear Brands will provide Pazazz from Chilean orchards ensuring that year round space on the deck is giving shoppers a delicious, fresh experience.

A Longer-Lasting, Fresher & Tastier Apple

Pazazz apples, with their sweet and tangy flavor, explosive crunch and high red color, have become a favorite among apple aficionados; part honeycrisp and part giddy-up! Retailers can rest assured they are providing shoppers with a flavorful and crunchy variety that lasts throughout the winter and spring months, long after other varieties have faded. And domestic orchards and packing facilities stretching east to west provide quick, packed-to-order freshness and shorter travel times.

“Pazazz’s exceptional storage capabilities provide increasingly improved flavor for shoppers seeking a fresh, delicious-tasting apple throughout the year. Plus, they get the benefit of their fruit coming closer to home,” said Don Roper, V.P. of Sales and Marketing at Honeybear Brands.

Strong Marketing Support

Honeybear Brands is putting Pazazz front and center with retailers and shoppers promoting the natural mood boosting effects of an apple a day .

Social media campaigns feature food bloggers’ custom content throughout the Fall, Winter and Spring, leveraging key dates such as Eat a Red Apple Day, Thanksgiving and May Mental Health Month. For a third year, Chef Elle Simone of America’s Test Kitchen lends her support to Honeybear Brands’ partnership with the American Institute of Cancer Research during February’s National Cancer Prevention Month.


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