May 5, 2020

Sun Belle and Giddings Mexico Announce Long-Term Berry Agreement

SunBelle and Giddings Fruit Mexico jointly announce a long-term exclusive marketing and distribution agreement whereby Sun Belle will market all of Giddings Mexico’s conventional and organic blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries. The agreement solidifies Sun Belle’s 18-year relationship with Giddings Fruit and is expected to extend the reach of Sun Belle and Giddings Fruit Mexico as principal producers and distributors of berries worldwide.

“This agreement completely aligns the two companies in their shared mission of providing top quality berries to consumers reliably and in good quantities,” stated Janice Honigberg, Presidents and Founder of Sun Belle. “For example, we are excited to be marketing peak production through May of the new Aketzali blackberry variety that Giddings developed.”

“The agreement has formally consolidated the varietal development programs both companies have been pursuing during the past 13 years,” said Honigberg. “We have brought together agreemens with major university and private geneticists in the US and Europe as well as Gidding’s own varietal development programs. Our goal is to bring fabulous varieties to market to delight the consumer.”

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