May 6, 2024

Sustainable D2C Toilet Paper Brand Who Gives a Crap Takes Major Leap in Us Expansion with Launch into Whole Foods Market Stores

Who Gives A Crap, the conscious toilet paper company on a mission to reduce deforestation and provide access to clean water and toilets for all, has launched its 100 percent recycled fiber toilet paper in Whole Foods Market. The product is now available in select US store locations nationwide, following an exclusive retail launch through June 2024.

Now available in select Whole Foods Market stores nationwide are 4-roll and 8-roll colorful design packages of extra-long, soft and strong toilet paper, a new quantity offering that strays from the bulk packs that have been available only through the Who Gives A Crap website.

“We understand that environmentally friendly purchases come more easily when the product is high quality, aesthetically pleasing and conveniently plugs into an already existing shopping routine,” explained Danny Alexander, Co-Founder Who Gives A Crap, “Collaborating with Whole Foods Market is an effective way to encourage new customers to try our super soft toilet paper, designed to elevate the standards of recycled TP, while feeling confident that their spending is helping to reduce deforestation and provide clean water and sanitation to people around the world.”

Who Gives A Crap launched in Australia in 2012 when co-founders Simon Griffiths, Danny Alexander and Jehan Ratnatunga learned 2.4 billion people didn’t have access to a toilet and saw the opportunity to develop an eco-friendly product that can help solve the sanitation crisis. The brand donates 50 percent of its profits towards building water, hygiene and sanitation solutions and has so far raised more than $13,378,250 AUD to date1.

In 2022, Who Gives A Crap commissioned a study2 that found traditional toilet paper production requires cutting down more than 1 million trees every day. The data only reinforced what the company already knew to be true: unsustainable poo habits are contributing to deforestation in a way most aren’t considering. But, because toilet paper is a low consideration—yet essential—daily product, there is immense opportunity and benefit to inspiring a simple product swap among eco-curious shoppers.

“Who Gives A Crap is an award-winning brand that has seemingly integrated into Whole Foods Market stores, celebrated for their mission-driven approach,” said Ruby Rios, Category Merchant at Whole Foods Market. “Who Gives A Crap set out to make a thoughtful product, down to its vibrant packaging, which will now bring new excitement to the toilet paper aisle while adhering to the high-quality standards customers have come to expect inside our stores.”

Though Who Gives A Crap is new to US supermarkets, its popularity and cheeky branding have made it a top toilet paper company in Australia, where its colorful rolls can be found in most grocery stores and the UK, where it continues to expand retail reach. They’ve recently won the 2024 NEXTY Award for Best People-Forward Product, further signaling stateside success. Following the brand’s introduction to the US market in 2016, the US retail launch demonstrates consumer demand for purposeful products.

Who Gives A Crap’s retail exclusivity in Whole Foods Market ends June 1. To learn more about the company’s impact work and mission, click here.

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