September 28, 2023

Tangelo Acquires Diet ID, Enhancing Unique Capabilities in Food-as-Medicine Space

“Food-as-Medicine” platform Tangelo today announced the acquisition of Diet ID, Inc. Both companies are privately held, and the details of the transaction were not disclosed.

Tangelo, an award-winning, distinguished leader in the expanding food-as-medicine sector, is renowned for its commitment to underserved communities. Their collaboration with Diet ID is set to bolster the momentum of the “Food-as-Medicine” movement, underscoring the importance of nutrition in health and chronic disease management. The integration of Tangelo and Diet ID simplifies food benefits, streamlines authorizations and standardizes data for measuring program impact. Diet ID’s unique, robustly validated IP distinguishes Tangelo in this burgeoning market. Together, their digital technologies pave the way for AI-driven, personalized food-as-medicine solutions.

Diet ID is a cutting-edge digital health platform, boasting a patented method for comprehensive digital dietary evaluation. Its scientifically-backed approach evaluates people’s eating habits, aiming to enhance their dietary quality and overall health. In addition, Diet ID provides tailored educational content, daily digital coaching for a healthier lifestyle and real-time nutrition counseling from licensed, registered dietitians.

Diet ID brings to Tangelo its entire team and notably, its very first Chief Medical Officer, Dr. David L. Katz, who will be a critical asset in Tangelo’s continued goal to deliver a medically relevant and personalized experience to every member. Tangelo encourages individuals to make informed diet and lifestyle choices to support their personal health goals and provides education and support to help them create and maintain healthy habits for life.

The acquisition fully blends the assets of both companies, leading to distinctive capabilities that enable rapid dietary assessments, creation of diet prescriptions tailored to individual health and preferences, precise behavioral guidance to achieve personal diet objectives, continual tracking of diet quality improvement data and diverse options ranging from grocery baskets to medically tailored meals. The dietitian-approved, chef-prepared meals feature fresh ingredients sourced from local producers and growers. Moreover, the companies prioritize cultural inclusivity, catering to diverse populations with a broad spectrum of ethnic foods.

According to Tangelo founder and CEO Jeremy Cooley, “We are already seeing substantial impacts from this collaboration. With a reach of tens of millions of Americans and nation-wide delivery coverage of culturally relevant, medically-tailored prepared meals, semi-prepared meals and groceries, the ROI is clear: well-executed food-as-medicine programs are not only effective but measurable and scalable. This partnership will help us quickly adapt to ever-changing needs of our populations, optimize program impact and ultimately improve lives. We are thrilled to bring this unique offering to the market.”

Tangelo CMO David L. Katz, MD, MPH, agrees, “Food, when done right, is the pinnacle of medicine, benefiting both human and planetary health. Unlike drugs and surgery, its positive impacts extend to entire communities. Food as medicine is our future. With the combined power of Diet ID and Tangelo, we’re elevating this vision. This milestone is inspiring for us all.”

Existing Diet ID partners and customers will benefit from uninterrupted service as well as access to enhanced offerings, thanks to increased resources and new technological advancements. Tangelo and Diet ID are poised for growth, adapting to the dynamic needs of the populations they serve. They will provide not only medically curated food solutions but also integrated digital access, health system nutrition solutions, food-as-medicine programs, digital coaching and continuous nutritional education through live sessions with registered dietitians.

The Tangelo team will be at the HLTH conference in Las Vegas Oct. 8-11. Dr. David Katz, Chief Medical Officer of Tangelo, will be presenting at the conference as well. For more information about meeting with the Tangelo team, please reach out to



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