October 20, 2021

Teen Hustl Fills Need for Last-Mile Delivery Flexibility and Security

A new enterprise by Colorado-based 15-year-old Jack Bonneau called Teen Hustl seeks to solve the challenges around last-mile delivery from high costs, high carbon footprint and vehicle congestion while eliminating porch pirate package theft.

“Customers receive their food and grocery deliveries when they’re home. Why can’t customers have their online orders delivered when they’re home in an eco-friendly and safe manner with no additional costs?” said Bonneau, founder and Chief Evangelist of Teen Hustl.

Teen Hustl provides their “When You’re Home” package delivery service for free through the support of local and national advertisers. Customers agree to have advertisements placed on their packages and have local neighborhood teenagers on eco-friendly bikes and e-scooters deliver to customers when they’re home. Customers send their packages to a local Teen Hustl Garage Hub, Amazon locker or their local parcel shipping/receiving store within the delivery radius of a Teen Hustl location.

Local neighborhood teenagers “Teen Hustlrs” pick up customers’ packages the same day, affix advertisers’ labels and deliver them on bikes and e-scooters after school and on weekends to customers. Teen Hustl also provides Amazon package return service from customers’ homes to Amazon Lockers for return processing for free. Teen Hustls current “When You’re Home” delivery is focused on Amazon packages this upcoming holiday season. Teen Hustl will expand to include UPS and FedEx packages in 2022.

“My goal was to solve the many challenges of last-mile delivery while bringing back the opportunities that teens had decades ago, delivering billions of newspapers annually through neighborhood paper routes across the country,” said Bonneau. “Teen Hustl brings back those opportunities but updated for today’s Gig Economy for teens to experience and learn about work, develop social and life skills that will benefit us throughout our lives.”

Teen Hustl is on a nationwide search to find exceptional teens to be a part of Teen Hustl to launch new locations and bring today’s gig economy opportunities to teenagers across the country while solving last-mile delivery challenges.

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