The Fresh Market Taps Firework to Enable Specialty Food Experiences March 9, 2022

The Fresh Market Taps Firework to Enable Specialty Food Experiences

Firework, the leading live commerce and omnichannel digital transformation platform, announced today an ongoing, multiphase partnership with The Fresh Market (TFM). The partnership brings Firework’s full suite of live commerce and short-form shoppable video capabilities to The Fresh Market’s owned media channels. The Fresh Market first tapped Firework for its digital transformation initiative in Q4 2021, with the goal of extending its reach to next-generation consumers and positioning itself for continued growth in the digital-first era.

“Providing a premium, the differentiated customer shopping experience has been central to The Fresh Market brand since its inception,” said Kevin Miller, Chief Marketing Officer at The Fresh Market. “We’ve always focused on making the in-store experience special, something you look forward to returning to. With Firework, we’re able to closely replicate that same personalized, one-of-a-kind shopping experience of joy and anticipation in the digital space where next-generation consumers shop.”

A strong fit for the specialty food retail space, the Firework platform in partnership with The Fresh Market has already proven successful across several KPIs. Since implementing Firework, video engagement increased by 5x, driven by organic discovery on The Fresh Market’s homepage and email outreach. The specialty food retailer has also aggregated more than 12.9M video engagements and more than 220 days of watch time since going live with Firework during the peak holiday selling season.

“Our partnership with The Fresh Market is a perfect example of how Firework enables brick-and-mortar brands to translate their in-store successes to the digital space,” said Jason Holland, Chief Business Officer at Firework. “It’s an excellent reminder that ‘digital-first’ doesn’t mean ‘digital-only.’ Firework helps deepen connections between the digital and physical in which online engagement draws new customers to stores and in-store events drive sales and engagement online through live streaming. With Firework, we’ve proven that retailers can drive KPIs beyond any other digital consumer platform while still maintaining a single, unified customer experience that stays true to your brand and your values.”

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