December 6, 2022

Tofu Maker Pulmuone Completes Wastewater Treatment Plant in California

Pulmuone, maker of America’s leading soy brands including Nasoya and Wildwood, has completed a new wastewater treatment plant at its Fullerton, CA facility. In partnership with Tomorrow Water, a water and wastewater solutions provider with patented innovative unit technologies, fully integrated processes and complete design-build turnkey constructed systems, the infrastructure now removes up to 85 percent of pollutants from water byproduct and will reduce the environmental impact on the Orange County community by purifying more than 3.5 million onsite gallons of water annually.

Pulmuone initiated this project with Tomorrow Water approximately three years ago as part of its longstanding commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Pulmuone was the first company to sell organic products, including tofu, in Korea more than 40 years ago and today is one of the largest healthy food manufacturers in Asia as well as the US. In late 2021, Pulmuone announced a 100,000 square foot expansion at its Fullerton facility that doubled its tofu production capabilities and created more than 100 new jobs as the company scaled to meet rising demand for its quality plant-based products.

“At Pulmuone, our core values of social responsibility and sustainability are reflected in our products, how we make them and our impact on the local community as well as the world,” said Kerry Lee, Operation Division Manager at Pulmuone. “This investment into the highest standard of wastewater treatment and the completion of the facility allows us to improve our operations and reduce our environmental impact through eco-friendly and responsible production management.”

Tomorrow Water worked closely with Pulmuone to determine the most efficient wastewater treatment plan for the construction of the new facility combining a variety of physical, chemical and biological treatment technologies. Tomorrow Water will continue to operate the system ongoing now that the facility is complete.

“We were thrilled to work together with Pulmuone in the engineering, design and construction and operations and maintenance of this new wastewater treatment facility,” said E.F. Kim, CEO and Founder of Tomorrow Water. “Investments in treating wastewater go a long way in furthering sustainability goals and assist in offsetting surcharge costs in waste disposal. This new facility is a win-win-win for Pulmuone, its local Orange County neighbors and the environment overall.”

“Fullerton is proud to be home of Pulmuone and we applaud its efforts as a good neighbor demonstrating that commerce and community can live in harmony,” said Fred Jung, Fullerton City Mayor. “It’s efforts like these that make a difference in our community and I look forward to seeing the steps Pulmuone will continue to take to have a positive impact here in Fullerton as a leading example of responsible food production.”

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