January 16, 2024

Tom’s Perfect 10 Launches in Whole Foods Market

Tom’s Perfect 10, the Instagram-famous granola brand founded by lifelong granola connoisseur and former advertising executive Tom Bannister, launches his two core flavors, Ginger Zing and Classic, in forty five Whole Foods Market stores across the New York Tri-State area, continuing the retail expansion that is taking the buzzy brand from internet to grocery store shelves.

Founded in New York City during the pandemic, Tom’s Perfect 10 began as one man’s culinary quest. Unable to find the perfect granola, Bannister launched a subscription-based flavor-of-the-month granola club which instantly had a waitlist of more than 18,000 people. With each flavor drop, fans followed the reactions of Bannister’s wife, Eva Chen and their three children and shared their own feedback via thousands of scorecards posted to Instagram—allowing Bannister to create an ardent customer base as he perfected his recipes.

After garnering national media attention including glowing reviews in Bon Appetit, Forbes and New York Magazine, Bannister launched his two always-available, core ‘perfect 10’ flavors, Ginger Zing and Classic, into specialty retail shops, including The Tin Building in New York and Foxtrot in Austin and Washington D.C.. He also executed collaborations with brands Tony’s Chocolonely and UberEats, during which one bag of granola was sold per minute.

“I never planned to create a retail brand,” Bannister said. “When we launched in October 2020, the plan was to drop a different flavor each month for six months—as a way to lift people’s spirits during the pandemic. Unexpectedly we discovered this ground swell support and a market of like-minded granola enthusiasts.”

To date, Bannister has released 38 flavors, which are only available while supplies last—unless the flavor achieves “Perfect 10” status on the Instagram-sourced community scorecard. Should a flavor receive the rare “Perfect 10” rating, it becomes a part of the core lineup.

Bannister’s two always available, core flavors that will be available at Whole Food market stores are Ginger Zing, which is made with ginger-infused maple syrup blended with candied ginger, almonds, pecans and a touch of black pepper and Classic, which is made with chocolate, cherries and walnuts with hints of cinnamon and vanilla.

For more information, visit Tom’s Perfect 10 or follow on Instagram @tbannister and @tomsperfect10.

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