Tractor Beverage Co. Strengthens Its Commitment to Foodservice Industry with New Self-Fill Bottle Program September 15, 2020

Tractor Beverage Co. Strengthens Its Commitment to Foodservice Industry with New Self-Fill Bottle Program

According to media reports, Tractor Beverage Company, one of the world’s fastest-growing beverage brands, is dedicated to helping out its current and future “pouring partners” during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. By serving Tractor’s Certified Organic, Non-GMO and All-Natural beverages, restaurants can not only offer consumers a better-for-you alternative to traditional sodas, or a delicious flavored option to water, but they can also take advantage of Tractor’s new self-fill bottle program, launching nationwide today.

In response to the global pandemic, Tractor established the self-fill bottle program in order to enable foodservice operators to drive highly profitable beverage sales while taking out 50 percent of the cost for carry-out beverages. As a result, Tractor has minimized total expenses for the industry while increasing beverage revenue and margin, in some cases more than 100 percent for carry-out, delivery and digital orders.

“Our main goal as a brand exclusive to the restaurant industry is to support this industry in its time of need,” said Tractor Founder Travis Potter. “By focusing on how a beverage program can help individual restaurants’ revenue growth, so they can reinvest back in their business and their people. We are going to see long-term success in the industry, even during Covid-19.”

Tractor Beverage Co. was founded on the simple idea that great food deserves great drinks and the ingredients one puts into their body matters. The company’s entire portfolio of drinks is non-GMO, Certified Organic and entirely natural. Tractor Beverage Co. is the first and only non-GMO and Certified Organic full-line beverage solution available for foodservice. Top flavors include mandarin cardamom, lemonade with turmeric, stone fruit tea and strawberry rhubarb, in addition to many carbonated varieties.

Tractor beverages are available exclusively at premier restaurants and other selective foodservice establishments, rather than grocery or convenience stores, offering these eateries a simple and streamlined way to drive critical beverage sales for retailers. Additionally, distributing in concentrate form to “pouring partners” produces a more sustainable and cost-effective business model for operators. It also keeps Tractor’s drinks exclusively connected to the dining experience.

“This opportunity to help the food industry rebound caters to our brand ethos – we focus on doing things the right way, not necessarily the quickest way,” said Tractor CEO Luke Emery. “The self-fill bottle program fits perfectly with our core mission of bringing better quality drinks (by way of better-quality food restaurants) to people around the country.”

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